Digital Strategy.

The digital world is full of opportunities and possibilities for all kind of companies. Whether you are a start-up, an established online company, your business is from the so-called old economy or you are an international player, ready to enter the German market – we are here to be your partner and guide.

We give our clients helping hands with our experience, expertise and innovative approaches when it comes to developing a digital strategy, fully individualized to each business in the online world.

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Our clients and partners have very different backgrounds and needs. We consult and support them in a number of online marketing and advertising disciplines. Let us inform you about how we help our clients and which topics we could discuss with you:


Performance Advertising


Performance Advertising is about performance. This might sound undeniable, but in many cases performance advertising is put on a level with performance oriented payment types such as CPO, CPA, CPL, CPD or even CPC. These payment types are perfect for managing budgets and reducing risk – if you are the one paying for the campaign.

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Data Driven & Tracking


The topic “Big Data” is on everyone’s lips – at least in the online industry. Big Data can be great. Huge! But being data driven and having a decent tracking in place does not need to be as complex as the topic big data. It’s important to have a data strategy and an idea about which data is important for your business and how you are going to make best use of it.

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Customer Journey


Whether you have 1.000, 100.000 or one million users on your website, only a little part of those will perform the actions you would like them to do in order to generate revenue. Improve the conversion rate and revenue per user by analyzing and optimizing the customer journey.

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Expansion Strategy


Welcome to Germany! Not yet? We are happy to help internationally successful companies to gain ground in Germany. Whether you are looking for a first contact to evaluate a potential launch in Germany or you made up your mind already and need support with starting the adventure – we are here for you.

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Some of our partners and clients: