Performance Advertising


Performance Advertising is about performance. This might sound undeniable, but in many cases performance advertising is put on a level with performance oriented payment types such as CPO, CPA, CPL, CPD or even CPC. These payment types are perfect for managing budgets and reducing risk – if you are the one paying for the campaign. But buying traffic on a CPM basis – which means to pay for every single impression your creatives get – does not mean you are not running a performance campaign. Actually, paying for impressions will allow you in many cases to reach the best performing users.

In the end, it all comes down to how you manage your campaign. A performance oriented tracking is the key and if you monitor the KPIs closely and adjust the campaign parameters accordingly, you will reach the best possible performance for your campaign. This can and should be applied to all of your advertising channels such as SEM, display, real time bidding (RTB), affiliate marketing, behavioral, retargeting, mobile or video.

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