folderProfessional Product Management Tools & Templates

There are many qualities needed for being a very good and successful product manager and we would like to make your life a little easier by giving you professional, easy-to-use tools and templates including guidelines which help you save time and unnecessary discussions with your internal clients.




This set of tools and templates made for and from professional product managers with the help of well-respected training and consultancy companies will help you along the life-cycle of new and existing products. The package you can only download on this website contains the following seven product management tools and templates.

The set of 7 templates that every PM has to have




Description: This template can be seen as a “business case light” and it helps you defining the first steps of a product or feature before you start developing. Get the company aligned and your bosses sign-off in the earliest stage to avoid bad surprises later on. User: Typically the product manager will use this file and share it with the boss and first-round decision makers. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)


Template #2: BUSINESS CASE


Description: Writing a business case is very complex and at least as important. Based on a business case, the decision makers in a company will give the final “go” for a product – or not. User: Typically the product manager will use this file and share it with the boss and final decision makers. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)


Template #3: GANTT CHART


Description: Once you’ve got the “go”, a detailed planning is key and a gantt chart has to be part of a decent product and project plan. This template allows you to keep an overview of all critical tasks and timings at any time. User: Each product manager maintains his or her gantt chart. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)



goal_thumbDescription: Stop believing what’s most important for the next quarter or year and use this tool to figure it out, based on facts. You will not just save time, but also appear way more credible and reliable and future discussions about why you prioritized one goal over the other are documented in this document. User: Used by the product manager and presented to the boss and stakeholders. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)



backlog_thumbDescription: The most complex and time-saving template in this set. Prioritize your backlog as objectively as possible with this macro-supported file and you will not only save time, but also be able to justify the order of tasks towards all stakeholders. This document is not supposed to replace any online project management tool, but it will support these tools and your work massively. User: Used by the product manager and presented to all stakeholders. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)



launch_thumbDescription: Make sure you do not forget major or minor task before going live and just after the launch, thanks to this launch checklist, which contains more than 120 tasks for different departments such as marketing, sales, product, finance and others. User: Product Managers use this as a perfect cheat sheet and help other departments by reminding them of their tasks. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)


Template #7: DATA SHEET

data_thumbDescription: The data sheet is “alive” and a daily reminder of the biggest challenges, key features and most important the main feedback from your customers. This document allows you to stay on track and keep on thinking about who is your main client: your customers. User: Typically the product manager will use this file in order to focus on the most important topics around a product after the launch. File type: Microsoft Excel (xlsx)